Sobia Nazir is one of the very few fashion designers in Islamabad but is the most prominent one as yet, she came into designing about a decade ago in 1997, and created her first pert collection and opened a flagship boutique in Islamabad. Now Sobia Nazir collection is available in Lahore, Karachi Islamabad, Dubai and London.

Sobia Nazir label is at the cutting edge of woman fashion and the most sought after designer label all over UK US UAE and Pakistan. Her clothes and accessories have appeared on the cover pages of the magazines such as Libas, Asian woman, Harpars bazaar, asiana, and many me. Being a lone ranger in Islamabad she manages to come up with outstanding collections every season and always rocks the cat walks, Sobia Nazir being the pioneer designer in Islamabad was the first to use semi precious stones in her collections.

Sobia Nazir is one of the designers who dares to be different and made it in to the Dubai fashion week consecutive for four years. Not to mention she showcased her collections in solo shows, she has done numerous shows in Pakistan, UK, India and Dubai and has always achieved a very positive response. More over sobias exquisite designer wear stands apart from all other labels due to the unique blends of colours embroidery and style. The unique style captures the mood, personality and taste of woman with breath taking result. Sobia Nazir launched her line of exclusive and elegant collection of arty and floral prints on lawn fabric in 2008 year and has become a household name.

A winner of Asian Style award as a best Pakistani designer in 2008.Also supporting Campaign by EVERY ONE - Save the Children and has been nominated as an ambassador for the campaign.