Vikram Phadnis presented his latest bridal collection at the Bridal Couture Show 2013It was a resplendent collection teeming with warm colors, mainly orange, yellow and pink with a smattering of blue and green. He resorted to heavy gold embroidery and sequin work to embellish his ethereal creations.The sarees and lehenga cholis on display had a decidedly old school vibe, harking back to bridal glamour of decades ago but infused with a bit of contemporary charm to make the line more relevant.The most striking thing about the line which you were sure to take away with you was the intricate, ornate appeal of the embroidery on most of the outfits. The skill that went into the design was prodigious, but all that glamour and luxury still managed to have an undercurrent of refinement and sophistication.

Many famous faces walked the ramp for Vikram including actress Aditi Govritikar and famous models Deepti Gujral and Sucheta Sharma. Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse was the showstopper, clad in a orange lehenga heavily embellished with gold. A sheer pink dupatta with equally stunning embroidery and a relatively plainer black choli completed the outfit.Mugdha was one of the only models on the ramp to have her hair loose. The rest of the outfits were styled with high buns and updos that could only have been accomplished with bumps. The hairdos gave off a very retro vibe which suited the colors, fabrics, textures and styles of the majority of the attire.Gold was the metal of choice for the jewellery which was distinctly Indian in style. The models were decked out in the heaviest bridal bling from thick chokers to rani haars to jhumkas, rings and bracelets. The running theme with the jewellery was elaborate ethnic – no dainty little pieces for this collection.