Want to lose weight without making great sacrifices so I advice to eat normally but without touching a single gram of sugar (even yoghurt containing sugar) and avoid fat. 
Quick Tip to reduce hunger If you have bad manners such as: Using the inputs, dishes, desserts … several times in a single meal to reduce your hunger I suggest you drink a glass of cold water 15 minutes before each meal. Indeed, it takes a part of hunger and does not grow.

 Tips to follow To  Lose 3 Pounds a Week
here are some tips to follow so that it is effective and successful to keep the line thereafter. To maintain the balanced nutrition of your body, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle . It should maintain good eating habits to control excess food and recover fatigue.
  • Eat a varied diet to get all the elements necessary for your body in quantities to suit your own needs.
  • Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day: they provide important protective nutrients such as vitamins and fiber. - Limit intake of fats, particularly saturated fats called”” found in fatty meats, butter, most sauces, cheese.
  •  Integrate your meal starches (bread, cereals, potatoes …) that bring you the carbohydrates, the main source of energy in the body.
  • Eat white meat, fish or eggs once a day.
  • Avoid taking alcoholic beverages (occasionally a glass of wine with meals).
  • Hydrate your body needs with lots of water: between 1.5 and 2 liters per day. Water helps cleanse your body and draining toxins.
  • Physical activity, a good partner of a balanced diet, nothing like a little sport to feel in great shape, and quick heal from bad tensions.
  • Physical activity helps burn excess calories by promoting fat oxidation. It is best to promote the duration of the activity intensity. In addition to its effect on weight loss , the practice of regular activities like swimming, dancing, cycling, or judo helps maintain a healthy weight. The most important thing is to be diligent and regular.  Avoid taking the elevator, take the stairs instead.