Most of the women and even men feel the severe problem of getting their hands rough and untidy in daily routine life and also in winter. They even feel that as the winter comes and the hands get covered with the gloves then in that case the hands are protected and care properly cared as well. During the winter extreme coldness destroys hands cell that leads to the roughness. All such should follow the mentioned home tips on daily purpose. 

Soak your hands for about five minutes in a bowl with oil. You can do this using olive oil. This oil contain vitamin E has made a powerful and thus promote the softness and flexibility of the skin. Thus the hands are soft to the touch of valuable omega fatty acids, which can soften fine lines. If the hands are very dry and rough, take a teaspoon full of sugar, wet the hands and rub the sugar (such as soap when washing your hands). After that, the hands feel soft and smooth all over again. Then apply a good cream on hand, and leave it overnight, – applied thickly- act (a good olive oil or grape seed oil will also work but not everyone’s thing). 
There are another simpler cure for rough hands and skin. Simply soak your hands in lemon juice. And possibly again with olive oil makes smooth and creams are not the alternative of this remedy. Mostly winter season is for rough and chapped hands. 
Is it already too late and the skin on your hands are dry and tear on ankles, maybe even one; the following can help home tips: A very simple olive oil, which overnight_ protected with cotton gloves- can act. The cotton gloves you can get very cheap in the pharmacy. It is for gloves that are wearing, for example of nickel allergy, to avoid contact allergies. 
At night, before going to bed, add 1_2 tablespoons olive oil in a small bowl. If you prefer, you can easily heat up the oil before, but keep in mind it should not too hot. The cuticles are also dry; you can also still there rub a little olive oil. Now heave the cotton gloves on your hands. This prevents one hand, that you apply your sheets with oil; on the other hand, the heat increases the effect of this home tip. If you try these home tips for many evenings in succession, your hands will be soft and flexible. 
For making the hands soft and cool take one small spoon of sunflower oil, common sugar and lemon juice. Mix the whole blend until it doesn’t get thick. Now apply the paste on hands for 15 minutes. In just two week you will come across with a new softness of hands. Sometimes the dryness of hands is the great discovered trouble amongst the people. In order to defeat the dryness level just mix the rose water and glycerin in warm water and apply the paste with gentle massage on hands for half an hour. 
Many girls want to improve their hands color tone because fair color complexion is getting famous in the girls. For decreasing the whitening of the hands take some sugar on the hand and mix few drops of lemon juice on it. Gently spread the mixture on the palm and backside of the hand and you will get the fair hand color in just two weeks. On the whole every single girl and even men must follow these tips and we are sure that they would not longer feel the need of wearing gloves even in the winter.