Guide Lines for UJP writer community authors

After receiving your registration forms its is very important to provide you basic guide lines in order to polish your writing style according to professional authors. Many of you we found are professional who have got lot of experience including HR Manager Madiha, Teachers, students and others you are all special for us and we welcome your efforts. 

Follow are some basic guidelines for submitting your articles to our site.

  • Words Limit: we have received your queries about minimum word count limit, for professional authors it is recommended to write more than 1000 to 15000 words but at starting level your article should have more than 500 words if you feel it difficult 
  • Copy Escape:   We have mention it again and again your article should pass the Copy Escape Test Copy Escape  it is worlds best plagiarism system. We will check your articles before publishing. Simply write your own words you can get help from internet but you cannot write in same wording.
  • Image in Article: You can dd relative images in your articles it help to increase the recognition of your title and it also increase the attractiveness in your articles
  •  To the Point: Be specific and to the point describe your title and introduction in very first passage of articles and try to create your niche, it is marketing term used to specify a specific segment. If you want to write about entertainment concentrate on your topic only
More guide lines will be shared very soon stay connected with us. 

Best Regards!

UJP Blog Team