Be Edgy

This trend has a tendency to go hand in hand with the number 2 asymmetry wedding dress trend. To make wedding dresses more interesting, designers have been cutting necklines, trains, and layers in an “edgy” way. This means that brides don’t simply have straight cuts on their wedding dresses, they will have a raw and classy look of layers and differing lengths of materials.
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A Hint of Color
An elegant and traditional wedding dress is all white – the most popular wedding dress trend of 2010 begs to differ! White is fine and dandy, but one of the top trends from 2009 and now heading into 2010 as the number one wedding dress trend – it is to have a hint of color in your wedding dress! This could be a beautiful colored flower or bow, it could also be a colored streak or ribbon around your waist. Any way you decide to go – a little color is in and it turns out GREAT in pictures! Usually, brides will have a hint of their wedding color in their dress so that it matches the centerpieces, flowers, and the rest of the wedding decor. The most common colors are ruby red, soft pink, sapphire, emerald green, navy blue, and soft yellow.

Whether you’re shopping for a bargain or not, your dream wedding dress should be different than any other bride’s. Incorporate these new trends into your decision to make your wedding dress unique and beautiful.

For those who loved the wildly ridiculous yet fabulous gowns in Gone with the Wind (*blush*), and for many of us who want to disguise our thighs, ballgown style wedding gowns are back. Fabulous! Ballgown wedding dresses have many rather wonderful upsides, including squishing you into the shape you desire, giving you fabulous cleavage, and being impossible to remove on your own .
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