Utho Jago Pakistan Full shows First week of December

Watch all shows of first week of December. here you can find all different topics of this week.  in the first day of this week was special show about successful married couples. and they talk about their experiences of lives. 2nd day of the week was slightly different show like in the memories of our beloved who left us alone in this world. people shared with us some special incidents and the special memories of the their beloveds.
3rd day shaista provided to you some special soups and tell us how they loose thier weight after pregnancy because many women put alot weight on those days and they failed to maintain their weight as before. shaiasta also have shared Aishwarya Rai Bachan's video regarding the use of soup and she loose her weight from soups. ahan its fantastic ideas. never forget to watch.
on 4th day shaista met us with a lady who was cheated by her best firend. this is a senerio of our society
then how can we maintain our trust on our best friend??? its very important issue now a days hats off shaista you are presenting good shows.
in the last show of this week we have seen a bitter reality of our society. those people are ignoranant, mentally ill who done this. a new born baby girl left her at KACHRA KUNDI of Karachi. shaista and her team showed the bitter reality in this show. shaista loved her and give her a name that was her own baby girl's name IMAAN. she called her Imaan.
that's all of 1st week of December i hope you will watch all shows they are owe sum.
don't forget to share your comments with us.
Host By Dr.Shaista Lodhi

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