Indian fashion designers are promoting well the South Asian clothing fashion in all over the world. There are lots of name on board which are doing great job in this epic way. Satya Paul is one of them. Satya Paul is an Indian based clothing brand dealing in cultural, embroidered and classical dresses of South Asia. According to the strandofsilk, the designer of brand Satya Paul was born in Pakistan and migrated to India during the partition.

Some experts considered Satya Paul a pioneer of Indian fashion industry. They start from base and now they know each and everything about South Asian clothing. The brand with name of Satya Paul was launched in 1985 officially. 

Satya Paul is not just a brand name but a certificate of quality with diversity of fashion. They are famous due to their impressive feminine dress designs, Indian Sarees, Bridal sarees, unique styles, affordable prices, vivid colors, Lehenga and latest trendy styles. They are developing almost all South Asian (Indian, Pakistani) native dresses like shalwar kameez, Lehnga, Sarees with a variety of accessories which highlights the diversity of Satya Paul designs.