***Asalam-o-Alikum to All UJP fans***
for Sending your pictures to be played in Video in which we are celebrating our fans more than 11k.

Fans you are talking about the video its big task to compose video of more than 11k fans.. but let it start in different groups..We are still finding best way to collect your pictures. Finally we decide we will get the
 pictures in groups. Its quite difficult for us to save your pictures via message one by one.

So, we request to all of our fans to follow the process given below for your pictures. These are ways to send your pictures.

Please do not forget to give name of your picture. Picture name should be your real name it will be written on video.

1) Make album of your pictures in Facebook in groups and just send the link of that album via message.

2) Upload your picture in photo gallery from the following links or any other you know best.
a) http://www.mylivegallery.com/
b) http://www.photobucket.com/

after uploading your gallery link via message

3) Save your pictures in Zip folder and send us via message at our fan page. 

If you can write your name of picture using adobe photoshop or any other software its good.

Fans if you know any other best way please share with us. stay blessed and have a nice day.