One of our personal favorite wedding wear designer, Ritu Kumar recently launched her new flagship store at Raghuvanshi Mills in Lower Parel, Mumbai where she unveiled her new couture collection – ‘Panchvastra’. The new collection symbolizes various feminine traits in its design and cuts, and is infused with the signature Ritu Kumar embellishments that the designer is known for globally.
 These emotions are brought to life by using various colours to depict the mood. Like for example, purity is illustrated by using whites and peaches while seduction is depicted using a bolder and deeper colour such as Burgundy. 
The use of orange, gold and fuschia in the collection signifies exile while the ensembles in black, indigo and gold reflect darkness. The Swarvoski crystals and embellishments give the outfits a regal look. 

The collection is dainty in vibrant hues and bold colours, with intricate and traditional hand-woven patterns which lends it a touch of royalty. It is inspired by the beauties from Hindu epics namely – Ganga, Draupadi, Kunti, Amba and Gandhari. It has an innate relation to each of their stories and reflects purity, seduction, swamyawar, exile and darkness.