Duo sisters Nickie and Nina make an definite pair together that blissfully imparts charm and elegance to their collection that is worth grabbing through their Nickie Nina latest collection presented at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2011 Lahore in thorough traditional Sindhi inspiration entitled “the poetry of colors” to present feminine strength, bravery and occuoation through tribal designs and rich infidel color combinations presented in well organized ramp walk as all fashion models stood together at ramp and then going in folks that further scattered into a queue that ended in circular back move at stage.

Nickie Nina team fashion designers have presented their thematic collection at Pakistan fashion design collection third time to grasp attention of both traditional and modish women through satisfying embellished ateliers made visible by Congenital tribal jewelry worn in feet, neck and over head to bestow an eternal persona to fashionstas and fashion seekers gathered at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2011 Lahore.

As their general flair Nickie Nina have again utilized a blend of fabrics like chiffon and silk in their latest collection that is carved beautifully with traditional craftsmanship of thread embroidery and hand embellishments together with hand block prints. The collection intends to urbanize their inspiration for silhouette containing sleek long shirts, skirts, flared pants and dupattas to introduce them at wide level.
Duo designers Nicklie Nina has already made their way to international fashion destinations including new York, la Chicago, Pennsylvania, UK and emirates.