Manish Malhotra at Chivas Studio Fashion Week. 

When you think of fashion in India you think of Manish Malhotra. He is the biggest name in fashion – perhaps he may not be the most modern and revolutionary but he sure is loved by all the leading ladies of Bollywood. Some of the last few movies he designed for were My Name is Khan, 3 Idiots, and I Hate Luv Storys.

A few days ago he displayed his new collection at the Chivas Studio Fashion Show in Mumbai. I really like the velvets, the laces and the rich and deep colors — but I love the two white ones. What makes these pieces so noteworthy is the amount of detail involved. They are not just two colors with some print thrown together to work — but rather have been given so much individual attention. It truly makes for extraordinary pieces of art.

You can order your own Manish Malhotra piece from their website – they provide shipping to Canada. Alternatively you can always submit a picture of what you like to a few people right here in the city who actually design recreations of these designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. Let me know if you would be interested in anything that is shown on the blog or elsewhere!