Crystal Bridal Shoes

 A variation to silver bridal shoes, and also growing in popularity, are crystal bridal shoes. To achieve the crystal look with your bridal party shoes, there are a few different options. One popular favorite is our Stuart Weitzman crystal wedding shoes. Another would be to go with white or silver shoes and add crystal accents either to the shoes, or with a decorative anklet. This crystal anklet could also be a great gift for your bridesmaids.

The look of crystal bridal shoes can also be accomplished with a clear shoe. These crystal bridal shoes works great with outdoor summer weddings. Since your bridesmaids feet will basically be on display, you will want to ensure that they have a good fit. Another detail you may want to pay attention to with clear crystal bridal shoes is the color of toenail polish that your wedding party wears, if any at all. Check out the great clear bridal shoes at My Glass Slipper today and be on your way to having the crystal shoe look that you desire.